Underfloor Heating

What is Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating has been in use for centuries and is often credited to the Romans although the concept of generating heat under the floor to allow the warmth to radiate up has been in use since Neolithic times.

Modern underfloor heating systems use a series of pipes or hydronic systems flowing water to heat the floor typically connected to the central heating system. This offers an alternative heating option to using radiators and is suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms, conservatories or even the entire house.

Underfloor heating can also be used as simply as a comfort for warming a cold floor on an winter’s morning.

How does Underfloor Heating work?

Heat from a conventional radiator central heating system rises from the radiator towards the ceiling before circulating back down into the room after losing some of the useful warth.

Underfloor heating has the advantage of the heat being evenly generated at floor level and rising through the whole of the room rather than the heat sources of the radiators.

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Installation of a water underfloor system should only be fitted by a professional. Haynes Plumbing & Heating Ltd have installed many underfloor heating systems combined with conventional radiator systems from single rooms to complete floors.

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