Over a period of time central heating systems can build up a deposit of black iron
oxide, lime scale and corrosive deposits. This sludge residue can be the result of rusting and without any intervention can leave long term damage to the central heating system causing blocked valves and reducing the central heating system efficiency.

How to identify if you should Powerflush

There are several ways to identify whether you should consider Powerflushing your system such as:

  • Cool spots on the radiators
  • Lukewarm radiators
  • Radiators cold at the bottom or top
  • Radiators need frequent bleeding
  • Boiler cutting out
  • High fuel bills
  • Boiler failure
  • Increased noise
  • Poor or no hot water

At Haynes Plumbing & Heating, our engineers use a Power Flushing Machine together with chemical cleaning agents to ensure that the central heating system is cleaned to the highest possible standard. The power flushing machine is connected to the central heating system flushing chemicals and water through at a high velocity ensuring the sludge and debris are dislodged and removed from the radiators.

Get in touch to see how Haynes can use Power Flushing to improve your central heating efficiency thereby saving you money by reducing your energy bills.